They try to make me go to rehab......

And I say YES YES YES!!



What is this rehab I hear you ask? Well it's a journey we take you on for a healthier, stronger, shiner hair and scalp. Let's start with the scalp, after all this is where the healthy hair starts. 

Healthy Scalp  

Healthy Scalp  


On your 1st visit your scalp with be thoroughly examined. It will be detoxed with our Kerastase clay mask which is 100% silicone free and gives hair & scalp purification, removes oil, sweat and pollutant particles. It cools and triggers scalp metabolism. 

Your scalp is then Cleansed with the one of our prescriptive shampoos and our clarisonic scalp brush for an invigorating deep clean. It's then followed by Mask Hydra-Apaisant, a cream gel treatment which moisturises and soothes.

Clarisonic Cleansing

Clarisonic Cleansing

You may feel very relaxed but alive at this stage. The scalp truly gets the kiss from Kerastase with this treatment.  

The final stage is a high concentration cure shot being airbrushed with the microniser directly onto the scalp and left to work its magic.

Magic Microniser  

Magic Microniser  

WEEK 2  

Its time to experience the famous and highly effective "Olaplex Treatment" 




This one is not so indulging but it IS incredible. 

First let me bore you with a simplified metaphor. Imagine a set of ladders as a hair strand and the steps of them ladders being the main bonds within the hair structure (Disulphides Bonds). Now smash the steps.....What happens?

Of course the ladder had no support and the results is it breaks and hits the ground. Pretty similar to what happens when you push your hair to the limits, aaand sadly that is NOT reversible.

Along comes Olaplex. Where the steps are broken, yet still attached to the ladder (Sulphur Bonds) it cleverly cross links and multiplys them back into steps.... Disulphide Bonds. Now the hairs main Bonds are where the need to be and your hairs not on the floor or more commonly in your hairbrush.

Sulphide to disulphide bonds ✌🏼 

Sulphide to disulphide bonds ✌🏼 


You will have what's known as the Olaplex stand alone treatment where you have Olaplex number 1 on your hair (most concentrated) followed by number 2 which completes week 2 of your rehab. Not so indulging but is necessary and gives you chill time.

We have prepared the scalp and corrected the main structure of the hair. Now let's reverse some damage on the outer parts of the hair structure where protein and moisture are needed.



Now it's time to get HOT! 


Heat Cure!  

Heat Cure!  

Now this is definitely a breakthrough delivery system as the image ☝🏼 says! 

Soooo this reverses a lot of damage that we cause on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. Drying, heat tools, colouring, perming, atmosphere pollutants and sun damage. Most of which are unavoidable, sooo what do we do? Heat Cure of course!

Applied on clean, towel dried hair section by section, it's then infused by heat to push the product as far as into the cortex delivering intense restoration with moisture and proteins. Without protein hair can't hold moisture. It's like a holey sponge. Pack the holes in with protein then fire the moisture on n whala we have amazing, soft shiney, healthy hair. And what's even better is you can still FEEL the results for up to 10 washes.

And there is still a 4th week?? I'm excited. 


Ok so let's re cap! 

  • Scalp ✔️ 
  • Hair Structure ✔️ 
  • Hair Fibre ✔️  
  • F❓❓❓O




Tailor Made Fusio Dose

Tailor Made Fusio Dose

A Fusio Dose?? 

This little cutie got a lot of little ingredients. In fact the little ingredients are 100 times smaller than any other treatments meaning we ain't missing a spot!! Ohhh nooo! 

We have 20 possibilities with this as we freshly fuse 2 active ingredients to create the perfect blend just for YOU!! 



Tell us your wishes and let us grant them!! 

Well we have now reached the end of our rehab and you are nearly at the end of recovery.


But the 4 weeks are up?

I've had all the treatments? 

If you haven't already taken advantage of your 10% off homecare, then now is the time to do so. 

We may have got your hair into fantastic shape but if you go back to your colour striping, silicone, sulphate loaded non water soluble home care routine I can guarantee the results won't last long.

Help us help you in giving you a healthy, strong, rejuvenated, shiny hair and scalp.