Salon Director      £45.00

 Master Stylist        £35.00

 Senior Stylist         £30.00 

             Stylist       £25.00



Wash, Cut & Style    -   £14.00 - £18.00

*add a hair loss, dandruff or sensitivity shot for £7*   



Blow-dry, Short  - £15

Blow Dry Mid / Long - £20 - £25

Big 'n' Bouncy - £25 - £30

7 Day Blow-dry - £45

Sparkle Blow Dry £30 - £40

Hair up - from £25

Dry Styling £15 - £20

Braid Bar (choice of 5 styles) - £15 

*add Glitter Roots, Hair Jewels or curls for £5*


Balayage   Master & Senior / Stylist

Full Head Balayage - £67.00 / £57.00

Balayage/Ombre - £57.00 / £47.00



Global Colour    Master & Senior / Stylist

Full Head Tint £40.00 / £30.00

Root Touch Up 4-5 weeks £30.00 / £25.00 

Root Touch Up 6-8 weeks - £35.00 / £30.00


Highlights    Master & Senior / Stylist

Full Head - £57.00 / £47.00

Half Head - £47.00 / £37.00

 Few Highlights & Tint - £48.00 / £39.00

Many Highlights & Tint - £57.00 / £47.00


Bleach & Tone    Master  & Senior / Stylist

Bleach Root & Tone under 6 weeks root - £55.00 / £47.00

Over 6 week root - Price on Consultation

Toner - £25.00 / £20.00

Full Head Bleach - Price on Consultation


Salon Director Colour Prices

Add an additional £15.00 to Master & Senior prices as every colour with Ashley must get a Smartbond treatment as standard!



Corrective Colour

Removal of colour, banding etc. FROM £55.00

A consultation must be had to quote correctly, see what's achievable and to thoroughly explain any ongoing maintenance. 


***Price of colour excludes Blow-dry / Cut & Blow-dry

**Prices are to Stylists discretion

*Long/ Thick hair, may have additional colour usage or time charges


Skin test to be done 48 hours prior to colour service.
Price will vary on hair length and thickness.

Hair Treats         

24K - Hair feels intensely nourished and soft but light to touch. Incredible shine results, scalp metabolism - £10

Indulgent Ritual -
 An indulgent ritual which will replenish, soften, smooth hair fibre and revitalise the scalp while feeling blissfully relaxed in the hands of your stylist - £20

Fusio Dose -
Fusio Dose is an all round favourite with 20 available prescriptions through fusing a concentrate and booster together for your custom blended treatment. This really is an instant hair transformation in only 5 minutes - £15

Intensive Masque -
A prescriptive masque will be chosen after a consultation , applied for 5 - 10 mins and followed by an optional complimentary massage - £5 - £15

Olaplex -
Olaplex is a bond multiplyer that penetrates the hair and rebuilds bonds as they are broken by chemical processes. This can be added to colour or done stand alone to restore damaged hair back to health - £30

Rehydration -
A professional and tailor made dosage in salon service that gives maximum shine, enriched nourishment with long lasting durable results - £10

Shine Ritual -
Intense shine and radiance, perfect for those going on holiday to give hair a boost and protection while away - £15

Scalp Treats 

Detox Clay Mask - Deep Cleansing clay mask with hair and scalp purification. Removes oil, sweat and pollutant particles. Cooling activation to trigger scalp metabolism - £7

Scalp Cure Shot -
Cure intensive for hair loss, dandruff, itchiness. This is a one off in salon treatment which is recommended with Further home care to get the full benefit to curing your scalp issues - £7

Specialist Scalp Ritual -
This is a 4 step ritual which includes a clay mask pre bathe, a further hair bathe using the scalp stimulation, a soul relaxing clarisonic hair brush, followed by a hair and scalp treatment then a further cure enhancement shot. We have a solution to hair loss, dandruff or sensitivity through this specialist scalp ritual prescribed to your scalp needs - £25


Here are our 4 Scalp Concerns from our Specifique Range:

Sensitive Scalp -
you may feel some discomfort on your scalp, can often be itchy or pain when your hair is tugged. You can sometime see redness appearing on the scalp or shedding around they area. 

Dandruff - white flakes noticeable in your hair and in some cases even on clothing, caused by over processing of cells which become visible on the scalp. Occasionally some areas of redness. 

Oily - your hair could become greasy quickly and feel you have to wash your hair all the time but never resolves the issue. This is caused by having persperated scalp which causes excess sebum to lie on the scalp making the hair appear dull and flat at the roots. 

Hair Loss - hair loss is more common than people think. From feeling your hair thin or sparse across your scalp to noticeably seeing patches of no hair. There are many reason why this could be happening from genetics to stress or washing habits.

Patch test required 48 hours prior to first treatment

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